Philosophy of Care

A heart operation is an important moment in a child’s life, and the lives of their family. A good understanding of the process and what to expect before and after an operation is essential. I value high quality communication. I and my office staff maintain a dialogue with parents throughout the process to achieve this.

At the operation, technical excellence is provided with up-to-date treatment approaches based on world’s best practice.
Expected outcomes are communicated, based on an established quality assurance platform and academic focus on complex patient groups.

I lead the perioperative team and work hard to optimise the inputs of all involved, inside and outside the operating room.

I recognise that an operation may only be part of the story for a child with congenital heart disease and their family and value the collaboration with other clinicians – cardiologists, psychologists and genetic counsellors – in providing care.

For some people heart disease is ‘fixed’ by the operation and for others additional procedures or treatment are required. For both groups my aim is that your child is not defined by their heart surgery or ongoing care, rather it is a well-managed part of a productive and happy family life.

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