What should I bring with me when I come for a scheduled office appointment?

  • Referral letter from GP, cardiologist or other doctor
  • Medicare card and any concession cards
  • Details of your private medical insurance (Fund name, policy number, level of cover, name of policy holder)
  • Copies of results, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans etc.
  • Details of your general practitioner – name and address
  • Details of other relevant medical history

Are my medical records kept private and confidential?

Your medical file is handled with the utmost respect for your privacy. Our staffs are bound by strict confidentiality requirements as a condition of employment regarding your medical records. Ordinarily we will not release the contents of your medical file without your consent.

Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

Yes, you need a referral from your cardiologist or general practitioner. In some cases when there is not time to obtain this and the referring doctor has spoken with Professor Winlaw, the referral letter is not required at the time of consultation.

Will you keep my family doctor up to date?

Yes. Professor Winlaw will write to the referring doctor and copy the letter to your local doctor if we know who you are seeing and have given us your doctor’s address.

What should I expect during first visit?

During your initial visit, Professor Winlaw will go over the problem, discuss the treatment options and provide a recommended pathway. Usually this will involve surgery which will be described in detail. The risk and benefits will also be outlined, together with expectations of the procedure and long term outcomes.

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