Self Insured Patients

Professor Winlaw looks after patients with both Private insurance (eg HCF, BUPA) and those covered by Medicare only. Paediatric Cardiac Surgery is only performed in Public Hospitals in Australia.

For patients with Private insurance, Professor Winlaw performs the whole operation.

For patients with Medicare cover only, Professor Winlaw may supervise surgeons-in-training to do all or part of the operation.

Admission as a ‘self-funded’ patient is recommended for families with children having an elective operation who want to ensure that Professor Winlaw will perform the child’s operation.

‘Self-funded’ is terminology used by NSW Health to describe this financial arrangement.

As a guide, the costs to be a ‘self-funded’ patient include:

  1. The Surgical fee – typically the out of pocket expense will be $1000 and Medicare provides the remainder. This fee is usually paid as a deposit at the time of electing to be a ‘self funded’ patient.
  2. The Hospital fee – a quote is provided by the Hospital to include accommodation charges, theatre fees, fees for Hospital doctors and a ‘contingency’ fee of around 20% to cover unexpected costs. Unused monies are returned. The out of pocket expense for the Hospital fee is typically between $3500 and $5000. This may be provided to the Hospital as cash or with credit card.

Date allocation for operations is made on the basis of clinical urgency and time on the waiting list. Private and self-funded patients will be prioritised where clinical urgency and time on the waiting list are equal.

Where admissions extend beyond the expected duration, Professor Winlaw will recommend re-classification to ‘Public – Medicare Only’ to avoid additional charges.

If you would like to consider admission as a self-funded patient, please discuss this with Professor Winlaw or his secretary Nicole at the preoperative consultation, or with Nicole by phone after that time.

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